Create Your Own Critter


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You draw it; then mail it. We sew it and deliver it!! It really is as simple as that!

Your child simply needs to draw a Critter, answer a few questions about it, and we will replicate the drawing/design as a handmade plush toy. You will receive your Critter along with the framed drawing and story about your Critter within 2-3 weeks after we receive the design.

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When you order a kit for $75, you will receive the following via email:

- A detailed instruction sheet
- Drawing pages
- A Questionnaire about your Critter

Use the drawing pages to prepare two critter choices, where #2 is a backup option in case #1 is not feasible (which has never happened so far!).

Fill out the questionnaire to tell us a story about the unique stuffed doll. This will help us understand the design, and we will frame the story with the original drawing for you and include it in the package with the critter.

You can either mail the design and story to us at the address listed on the instruction sheet or scan/email to:

*Please note that the kits expire 6 months after the purchase date if we receive no communication and/or drawings.

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